Expected Student Learning Results (ESLRs)

We desire that HIS students are so impacted by their personal relationship with Christ, God’s Word, and a passion to see the world transformed by Christ that they strive to be life-long learners who are:

Global Citizens

Global citizens who understand and appreciate culture and perspectives through art, literature, history, and diverse relationships.

Effective Communicators

Effective communicators who convey their ideas and beliefs clearly and articulately through writing and speaking in a variety of social and academic contexts, while also understanding and respecting those with opposing viewpoints.

Discerning Thinkers

Discerning thinkers who practice moral and ethical reasoning to apply biblical truth to daily life.

​Responsible Stewards

Responsible stewards who utilize and manage all resources God provides for His glory and the good of His creation.

Collaborative Contributors

Collaborative contributors who lead through service towards shared goals with compassion towards the larger community.

​Quality Producers

Quality producers who demonstrate creativity, high standards, and pursuit of excellence in all they do.

Investigative Learners

Investigative learners who take initiative and maintain intellectual curiosity to pose questions, think critically and solve problems.

​Informed Scholars

Informed scholars who have a high degree of media, technology, and information literacy.