Expected Learning Results

Studying at HIS will prepare students to be...

Investigative learners who...
  • Are lifelong learners and maintain intellectual curiosity.

  • Evaluate progress and are able to formulate and pursue realistic goals.

  • Maximize individual academic potential.

  • Are well prepared and proficient in all academic disciplines.

  • Have a knowledge and understanding of people, events, and movements, in history and the cultures of other people and places.

  • Appreciate literature and the arts and understand how they express and shape their beliefs and values and those of others.

  • Utilize scientific inquiry method.

  • Know and understand and apply a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as described in God’s Word to daily life OR apply Biblical wisdom and principles to daily life.

  • Use time management, research, organizational and study skills.

  • Know and understand the process of salvation according to the Bible.

Quality producers who...
  • Reflect creativity, high standards and a pursuit of excellence that underlies all that is done.

  • Are good stewards of their finances, time, and all other resources.

Involved citizens who...
  • Contribute their time, energies, and talents as servant-leaders to improve the quality of life in our school, communities, nations, and the world.

  • Are wise in moral reasoning and embrace the principles of moral reasoning such as integrity, honesty, mercy, kindness, perseverance, compassion, self-control and a sense of fairness and justice.

  • Have a critical appreciation of languages and cultures of other peoples, dispelling prejudice, promoting inter-ethnic harmony that encourages and respects others.

  • Have an appreciation for the natural environment and practice responsible stewardship of the created world.

  • Respect and care for their bodies as the dwelling place of God while understanding the importance of physical, mental, and spiritual balance and personal well-being.

Perceptive thinkers who...
  • Know how to utilize resources including technology to find, analyze, and evaluate information.

  • Have the critical thinking skills to question, solve problems, and make wise decisions.

  • Exercise discernment regarding truth and ethics.

Effective communicators who:
  • Convey their message in written and spoken English clearly and accurately to others.

  • Are courageous and articulate in defending those things in which they believe, while having an understanding of opposing views.

  • Receive and interpret the written and spoken messages of others in an effective manner

  • Have a high degree of technological literacy.

  • Study and use English while developing proficiency in the Spanish language as well as an appreciation of Bolivian culture and studies.

Cooperative contributers who...
  • Develop integrity and appropriate skills for personal and social relationships and for exchange of thoughts and ideas with others.

  • Foster, develop, maintain, and appreciate relationships within varied cultures and diverse settings, especially the host culture.

  • Offer and accept constructive criticism with gentleness.

  • Develop a commitment to servanthood.

  • Discern how to best reach the world for Christ.

  • Respond to authority figures with respect and obedience.

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To ensure academic excellence and integrity in operations, HIS is accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA). Both of these accrediting agencies are recognized world-wide for promoting quality schools.​ 

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