HIS Admissions Criteria & Considerations

The following admission criteria and considerations will be taken into account whenever the Admissions Committee considers a new application. The reviewing and analysis of all the documentation and information available for each application will be subject to the application of all the appropriate policies, whenever all the considerations for each one of the areas below have been considered and adopted.

1. Family

The family has been interviewed and the Admissions Director has obtained sufficient and critical information about the family in regards to:

a. The family’s expectations

b. The family’s financial situation

c. Siblings of the applicant are already enrolled at HIS

d. Any critical or sensitive information about the family

2. Student

A. Student's Records

 * Academics:  The Area of Academic Coordination has revised the transcripts and Report Cards, and pertinent documents in order to issue a recommendation to the Admissions Department.

* Character and Behavior:  The student's records show evidence of disciplinary episodes and disciplinary reports that would indicate the student's ability to attend Highlands. This information will be studied and it will considerably influence the recommendations of the Admissions Department for a student to be admitted or not.

* RTE ("Ready to Enter") Criteria and Requirements for Pre-Kinder Applicants: Applicants should be 4 years old before the last day of August of the year when they are applying for Pre-Kinder Admissions.

B. Level of English

* All non-native English speakers will take the WIDA Testing for all grades.

* The ESL Department has been informed about the need to test the applicant
and has appointed a
testing date.

* The Applicants level has been verified as to ensure no application will be processed for the last two levels of high school (11th and 12th grades) due to the demand of a high ESL level. Applications for these levels for students whose native language is English, or who may come from an English speaking school will be processed in compliance with the admission process.

C. Special or Specific Learning Needs or Disabilities

* The Special Education teacher has reviewed all the available reports and briefings.

* The ratio of Special Education teacher – student has been considered.

* The Special Needs resources have been measured in order to verify if the school has the ability
to provide this service.

* The need to allocate an HIS aide has been considered and analyzed.

3. Documentation

A. The parents/tutors have provided the school with Transfer documents and report cards
(Bolivian consulate legalized when applicable).

B. The parents/tutors have provided the school with discipline reports and/or recommendation letters and certificates.

C. The parents/tutors have provided the school with the Bolivian School Grade Certificates and 
SEDUCA Report Cards.

D. The parents/tutors have completed the Highlands Application Folder.

E. The parents/tutors have read and understood the policies and procedures for admissions and
are ready to abide by the policies and also the principles that govern the admissions process and the

Philosophy of Christian Education for the school.

F. Any extraordinary documentation has been provided in response to the specific requirement
of the Admissions Director.

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